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Under Construction

Snack a posted Apr 24, 12
Trying to fix this up a bit more to make it more of a viable place for us to communicate to each other outside the game.

And twitter.

And IM services.

And steam.

It feels like a thing that shouldn't be hard to do? Apologies if things get wonkier than usual, lemme know as soon as possible if I break something.


Snack a posted Feb 9, 12
It's cool Azeroth. Chill. Sit back.

We handled your dragon problem. 


Snack a posted Nov 11, 11

Waypoint, the erstwhile cartographer's union, has slain the fat fiery jerkass.

So, yeah.

Firelands Heroics!

Snack a posted Sep 22, 11
Okay not really.

We beat up a responsible pet owner, stomped on a bug, and then mugged a fat thirsty rock giant.

Waypoint: We from the streets, yo.

Victory for Waypoint's Liala!

Snack a posted Mar 10, 11
So, Disciplinary Action.

You might read it. You probably should. If you don't enjoy the wonderful comicking, you'll find insight on the inner workings of a disciplinary priest. If you don't like the disciplinary priest discussion, you'll enjoy the comicking. 

If you enjoy NEITHER of those, well, frankly, folks, I don't know what to say about you, because you've clearly died inside.

You know who likes Liala's Orc Detective comic series? These guys.

Those guys, they're kind of a big deal, I hear.
Rezznul Oh, you didn't just bring Peter Cetera into it. *snap snap*
disciplinaryaction Hey, thanks guys! It's all for the Glory Of Waypoint (sung to the tune of 'Glory Of Love', a ...
Rezznul Huzzah! What started as a fun side project has gone big-time! Great artwork and writing make this a compelling series...